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TIC Disorder Treatment


TICS Treatment

There’s no cure for tics. There are behavioral therapies, medicines, and surgery to control tics that interfere with everyday activities. Behavioral therapy is a treatment that teaches people to manage their tics. Behavioral treatments like Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) are available if tics interfere with school, work, or social life, cause pain or injury or cause stress. CBIT teaches techniques to control other behaviors that are incompatible with ticcing until the urge to tic or the tic decreases or goes away. CBIT is not voluntary suppression.

Tics can also be managed with medications that include antipsychotics and other sedatives. Antipsychotics are the primary medicines used for treating tics. Antipsychotics work by altering the effects of the dopamine receptors in the brain. Typical antipsychotics act almost exclusively on the dopamine system.

Many kids with tics experience peer and family difficulties that may further contribute to distress. Not understanding a child’s Tic can lead to higher parenting frustration, increased risk for family conflict, poorer quality of parent-child interactions, and isolation for the child. These pressures increase the child’s risk of depressive symptoms and behavioral or substance abuse problems as an adolescent.

Children’s Brain Institute partners with psychiatrists and psychologists to develop innovative and effective treatments for Tics. Our multidisciplinary clinical team will design an individualized treatment plan for your child after an exhaustive examination and a complete review of the child’s medical history. Trust our 25+ years of experience to get the best treatment option for your child.


Our Fast Access Neurology (FAN) Service ensures a clinic visit with an expert pediatric neurologist in our institution within 24 to 72 hours after referral or initial contact with the Children’s Brain Institute.

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